Experiential workshops Pleasure, pain and gain

"Life changing experience."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the [conference]. I felt energised and motivated coming away from it. Very impressive."

"I am increasingly finding ways in which to consider and offer my leadership in organisational contexts. The event was extremely helpful in enabling me to work through where and how I might effect shift in conflicted and uncertain environments."

"It’s a bit like the mist has lifted on a landscape I knew was there but I couldn’t make out the contours properly before."

These workshops offer the chance to learn from experience and delving deep into the dynamics between people at work. We know that organisational life can be fun, rewarding and productive, but also difficult, frustrating and painful. The workshops illuminate the complexity of organisations and explore the meaning, limitations and creative potential of working with others. We explore authority, role, task, power and accountability; leadership and followership; values and culture; inclusion, exclusion and difference. We see how our personalities shape what happens, and the impact of conscious and unconscious processes on the capacity for thoughtful action.

Gabriella Braun talks about Working Well

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Client's experience on Gabriella's work with leaders

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