Why is it that teams can be so enjoyable or so difficult? Our specialist expertise and extensive experience in team dynamics, along with a practical, results oriented, approach, means we can quickly get to the places that really make the difference to ongoing results. We’ll get teams on track to high, sustainable, performance. You’ll have far greater understanding of what happens under the surface –unconsciously - in your team, especially when they’re stressed. And you’ll know what to do about it and how to keep teams productive and positive.

We offer a range of workshops including:

  • Team building: Workshops to help you establish a new team that can hit the ground running; improve team cohesion and performance; overcome niggles or blocks in a team; get teams to be more productive, rewarding and enjoyable.
  • Team diagnostics: We use our specialist diagnostic tool – including the key psychological factors of team work as well as the practical ones - to identify your team’s strengths, weaknesses and development needs. You’ll have specific information about how the team currently performs, what to focus on and how to take it forward.
  • Team resilience: This workshop helps teams to understand and increase their resilience, so that they’re in a better position to meet business challenges and cope with the stress and demands of the workplace.
  • Creativity in teams: We offer a range of activities to unlock creative potential in teams. We use actors or performance artists for example, to help you work outside the box, with new, sometimes surprising, results. This can be enormously beneficial for taking leaps and strides in areas such as branding, product development or communication. It can also help team building.
  • Understanding your team: We use tools such MBTI and TKI for teams (a conflict mode instrument to improve the way you deal with conflict), to help you understand each other better in a team and so work together as well as you possible. We combine these tools with our psychological expertise, so that you get more from them. We can use them on their own or as part of other work with teams.
  • Leading Teams: This workshop for managers and leaders, will give you far greater understanding of team dynamics. You’ll understand what happens under the surface –unconsciously - in teams, especially when they are stressed. You’ll understand the dynamics between you, as the leader, and your team. And you’ll know what to do about it – avoiding the traps and leading in a way that brings out the best in people, and enhances positive and productive teams.

Leadership and Psychology: Small Steps To Making a Big Difference

Would you like an introduction to what psychology can add and how to use it to make a big difference? Aimed at leaders, this workshop includes a presentation, discussion and ways of applying the ideas to your organisation and team. It can be either half a day or one day, to fit in with your requirements.

Having Difficult Conversations

Do you find giving bad news, negative feedback or challenging others difficult? This 1.5 day workshop helps managers and leaders have those difficult conversations with staff, stakeholders, colleagues or customers. We’ll give you the theory of how to do this and help you to really develop your skills so that you can be confident and effective in saying what needs to be said.

Coaching skills for leaders

You don’t have to be a coach to use coaching skills: they are key to all 1-1 meetings with staff, whether for regular line management meetings, appraisal, development or review. This 1.5 day workshop for managers and leaders will equip you to transform 1-1 meetings.

Leadership and Psychoanalysis: the ‘What’s It Got To Do With It’ series

All of the seminars from this series are available in-house as either half day or one day events.

Emotions at Work

How do emotions play out at work? Rather than trying to ignore them, how can you use them? Emotions provide incredibly useful data – intelligence - about what is going on at work. And using, rather than hiding your emotions, means you can be authentic, get less stressed and enjoy work more. This workshop helps you to get alongside and use your emotions constructively and, conversely, reduce the cost of emotions at work.

Training the trainers

Are you looking for something to reinvigorate and take your experienced and skilled trainers to the next level? This workshop will give trainers new understanding of group dynamics and the skills to work with these so that you can go further, deeper and significantly enhance results.

For further information about these or other in-house workshops, please contact us.

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