All That We Are Uncovering the hidden truths behind our behaviour at work

A revealing exploration of the hidden motives behind our behaviour at work and how our unconscious affects our professional lives.

ALL THAT WE ARE: Uncovering the hidden truths behind our behaviour at work

In a collection of stories from her professional and personal experience, Gabriella Braun shares insights from over twenty years of using psychoanalysis to uncover layers of emotional entanglements in the workplace. She reveals the full extent to which every organisation is affected by the personalities and psychological makeup of its leaders and staff, and the importance of understanding ourselves and each other.

Taking psychoanalysis out of the therapy room and into the staff room, ALL THAT WE ARE includes an addiction centre where staff are governed by choices they don't know they make; a board that loses the plot and nearly causes their company to collapse; and a meek man grown from a meek child, put upon and resentful. By understanding the influence of our unconscious mind which accompanies us to work, Gabriella shows how we can improve our wellbeing and performance, form good relationships with colleagues, and build more humane working lives.

ALL THAT WE ARE will help us reimagine and rebuild our workplaces so they too become healthier and more humane places that suit people, not just targets.

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Gabriella Braun talks about how Working Well works with teams

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