Developing Leaders Our Approach

Developing Leaders, Our Approach

To be an excellent leader is extremely demanding and difficult, particularly given the complexity and stress organisations face today. We help leaders improve and transform their leadership by focussing on people and relationships. So we help them to lead in a way that suits their personality and is authentic for them. We don’t try to get them to fit some notion of what a leader should be like.

We work with leaders to understand themselves in their specific leadership role and organisation. We help them to recognise, manage and work with their strengths and vulnerabilities, their drive and motivation. And to understand how their buttons may get pressed in work and what to do about that. We help them to develop their personal authority – not just the authority that goes with the job – and their resilience, so crucial for leaders. And we support leaders to be excellent by developing their emotional intelligence and really understand those they are leading, as well as their colleagues and stakeholders.

To do that, we bring a psychological lens that can transform leadership. We use that lens not only in helping leaders to build the best possible relationships at work, but also in all other aspects of leadership, including strategy, vision, leading staff, leading change, decision making, influencing and navigating a way through a constantly changing and incredibly complex environment.

Gabriella Braun talks about how Working Well works with leaders

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Client's experience of Gabriella's work with leaders

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