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Developing Organisations, What We Do

If you want in-depth understanding of your strengths and organisational development needs, we can provide an analysis and recommendations, in areas where psychology makes all the difference. For example in communication, emotional wellbeing, diversity, organisational culture, working well across parts of the organisations and with stakeholders, the strength of leadership and teams.

We can advise you about the psychological aspects of change that make a difference to its success at planning, implementation, review and evaluation stages. For change to be successful, especially longer term, it is important to address the emotional ups and downs and the mix of different feelings and reactions it can trigger. Our expertise can help you with that.

We can work with you to bring psychology into creating and maintaining an organisational culture that best supports your people (in all their diversity), goals and structures. We can also help you to work effectively with the different cultures of your people and stakeholders, whether that is in a national or international context.

You may want to make an impact fast in particular aspects of developing your organisation and people. Our expertise in facilitation using psychology can ensure you deliver on this. So we can for instance, run effective open space workshops to identify and work on themes across the organisation. Or we can design bespoke workshops for you such as:

  • Building on success: lessons from London 2012 – using psychology to make the most of the learning for your organisation, e.g. about how to build success through community, and community through success
  • Making the difference through communication across different parts of the organisation – ensuring that communication does what it needs to do and is really effective
  • Building performance – we bring the psychology and work with performance artists who bring out the performance – a powerful combination that achieves fast results

Gabriella Braun talks about how Working Well works with organisations

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Clients' experience of Gabriella's work with organisations

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