Developing Teams What We Do

Developing Teams, What We Do

We use psychology to make a big difference fast. We enable teams to get under the surface of what is really going on and identify what is keeping them stuck or stopping them from fulfilling their potential. And then enable them to put it right and develop their capacity to keep it right. We help teams to get transformative results that last long after we have gone.

It may be that a team is struggling with change; our expertise in the psychology of change can make all the difference in getting change processes to actually work. We can provide workshops or consultation to teams in change, so that they are much more contained and able to keep going productively through the upheaval and emotional ups and downs change almost always involves.

If you want to focus on a particular area of teamwork or dynamics we can design bespoke workshops for you. It could be on a range of topics such as:

  • Communication and community in teams including having difficult conversations, keeping communication going, excelling through collaboration and community
  • Achieving high performance in teams – what it really looks like, where you are now and how you can get to being - and staying - a high performance team
  • Encouraging creativity in teams, including ways of working with the differences between team members to do that.
  • Leading and following in teams – using psychology to help the team and its leader work as well together as possible.

So if you want to build a new team and get it going quickly with the tools to understand and address its dynamics and behaviour, or if you want to turn around a team in difficulty, or develop a good team to be excellent, contact us.

Gabriella Braun talks about how Working Well works with teams

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Clients' experience of Gabriella's work with teams

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